Whygo – Global Video Conferencing Network: Travel Industry’s Exclusive Distribution Channel

Whygo and Global Videoconferencing Network (GVN) collaborate to deliver a best in class, end-to-end, and comprehensive video conferencing service solution to the travel industry. With GVN’s travel explicit distribution assimilation and open room inventory of Whygo, the said exclusive collaboration will jointly improve services for the corporate travel industry and to its customers.

All video conferencing destinations of GVN will exclusively enhance the inventory platform of Whygo together with the live calendar synchronization tool to deliver online booking tools. Moreover, it also provides travel agencies all around the globe with instantaneous affirmation of a booking and real-time accessibility to customers. In addition, uploaded network tariffs also enable online booking tools and travel agents to quote accurate connection costs as well as one-stop-shop to the corporate customers as expected.

Whygo and GVN Collaboration

The CEO and President of GVN, Glenn Wastyn noted that the collaboration creates the biggest virtual travel marketplace in the world. The GVN’s customer will greatly benefit on the partnership: largest availability of network for over 3,000 pubic rooms, central billing, and customer center with 24/7 service, and booking experience for many years in public room that amounts for over 108,000 hours of scheduled video conferencing.

Through GVN, Whygo will provide its travel industry customers to exhaust the possibilities on its service, experience, and responsiveness. GVN’s market explicit innovations, developments, and experiences increase the service and value for travel customers of Whygo. Corporate travel management companies like Uniglobe, FCm Travel, and BCD Travel will take advantage from the growing supply to over 20,000 private and public rooms.

With the corporate travel payment solutions, GVN is developing the greatest user experience: easy-to-access, easy-to-use, and easy-to-schedule. Thus, travel agent has the full control in virtual business travel offering, schedule public and private rooms on behalf of corporate customers that make better management on the adoption rate of virtual face-to-face meetings, reduce the travel spend and a company’s carbon footprint.

Whygo: Video Conferencing Provider

Whygo video conferencing focuses in scheduling public video conferencing facilities around the world. Whygo developed the market-leading and first global online booking system for public video conferencing facilities with over 3,000 locations online today, over 1100 offer live real-time availability and instant confirmations. Whygo services direct agent and wholesale customer channels. The Whygo scheduling system has the feature in setting options to conform broker service models and agents. To establish booking as video conferencing facility closer to the customer as possible and easier that booking a flight is the company’s vision.

Global Videoconferencing Network

Global Videoconferencing Network (GVN) is an end-to-end universal video conferencing service solution with incorporated processes in the travel industry. GVN is a privately held organization headquartered in Ninove, Belgium. GVN manages the financing, service, hardware and supports the commercial model of the travel industry.