Revitalized Video Conferencing Provided By Orange

Orange Business Services, owned by France Telecom group, has introduced the newest endeavor to revitalize video conferencing, telling that the technology conditions are now right to succeed.

In a press event, Vivek Badrinath the head executive of Orange Business Services said that a vital difference over previous repetitions of the technology was its cloud-based that enables full management by Orange.

According to Badrinath, it is easy to use that makes it attractive to the users and the modern video practice had amplified the desire for video-based communications. He said that such video has become more important in the communication interaction. “The fact that people watch short videos means that the taste for video communications has increased,” he added.

Telepresence Pass Service

Badrinath pointed out that the key benefit of Telepresence Pass service was its compatibility with multiple vendors and carriers such as Cisco and Polycom. He mentioned that Orange has around 300 video staff prepared to support the telepresence service worldwide that is monitor by a concierge with 24/7 service. Orange stated that the service performs its best when there is a dedicated room in used. This will make the services uniform conditions that optimize audio and lighting, which improve the telepresence meeting experience. All the said conferences are accessible over the internet publicly using mobile such as PCs and iOS powered tablets and phones.

Orange Company has invested millions for the entire 2011 to widen network scope and enhance QoS. Europe, U.S. and Asia Pacific are recently connected through dual belts (10G) while Europe was improved with a 100G/40G optical network. Meanwhile, the emerging countries had taken advantage on the 20 percent increase in network coverage and capacity.

AkzoNobel on Orange Technology

Pieter Schoehuijs  of AkzoNobel, a Dutch paint company, explain how Orange technology was introduced to help interconnect its 80 international offices. On the question of resistance from the employees on utilizing telepresence, Schoehuijs said that the senior executives who frequently travel have welcomed the technology. “The travel is fun to start with, but that chewing gum loses its flavor real quick,” he said.

Schoehuijs highlighted the Orange service green credentials, saying that AkzoNobel made millions of investment in Orange Telepresence service but had saved company. He said, “Not only is it financially attractive, but from a sustainability perspective, it’s quite frankly a no brainer.” The service is now available directly on Orange dedicated MPLS network in 67 countries, and up to 106 countries using leased lines.