Interoperability is needed for Enterprise Video Conferencing

In the enterprise environment, video conferencing is an important part of communication, delivering cost-effective benefits and guaranteed business continuity. There are many service providers in the video conferencing industry that are emerging, touting several connectivity options and offerings. However, video conferencing interoperability is said to be needed and a key differentiator for enterprise business. Historically, video conferencing is always a … Read More

ePlus Technology Enhances Managed Services to Incorporate Video Conferencing Capabilities

ePlus Inc. recently announced that ePlus Technology Inc., its subsidiary company, has expand its managed services to incorporate video conferencing management capabilities. The innovative Managed Video Services of ePlus supports Crestron and Cisco solutions including digital media and telepresence collaborations and solutions architecture support. Kevin Detsch, the vice president of ePlus Technology in business development, said that video conferencing technology … Read More

Video Conferencing System in the Courtroom

Last April on the LaSalle Parish Courtroom meeting, the jury has approved the purchase of a video conferencing system for their courtroom.  Using video conferencing in their courtrooms will provide a set of media communication services that allow simultaneous audio and video transmission in many locations. Judge Christopher Peters have talked to the members on Jury saying that it will … Read More

Honeywell and Inmarsat: Modernize Universal In-Flight Connectivity

Honeywell and Inmarsat signed a private agreement to deliver universal in-flight connectivity services to commercial, business, and government aviation clients all over the world. Under the agreement, Honeywell will produce, develop, and distribute the aboard hardware that will allow users to link to Inmarsat’s Global Xpress network. The said exclusive conformity is expected to present $2.8bn for Honeywell in customer … Read More

Revitalized Video Conferencing Provided By Orange

Orange Business Services, owned by France Telecom group, has introduced the newest endeavor to revitalize video conferencing, telling that the technology conditions are now right to succeed. In a press event, Vivek Badrinath the head executive of Orange Business Services said that a vital difference over previous repetitions of the technology was its cloud-based that enables full management by Orange. … Read More