NextUC Video Conferencing and Online Meetings Driving Increased Customer Usage

March 9, 2012

Customer usage of video conferencing rose 191% and online web and audio meetings rose 131% on top of a record month of company and user additions. Recently, NextUC announced that February was a record month for new customer and user additions. Online web and audio meetings rose 131% and customer usage of video conferencing rose […]

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Commonwealth Bank: Video Conferencing Trial in Regional Australia

March 8, 2012

Video conferencing trials aimed to alleviate the inconvenience of distance between customers and bank staff – Commonwealth Bank CIO The Commonwealth Bank has commenced ‘in-branch’ trials of video conferencing for customers in regional Australia. Addressing attendees of the Australian Internet Industry Association Banking and Business briefing, Commonwealth Bank CIO, Michael Harte, said video conferencing was […]

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Video Conferencing Management: Not an AV Application Anymore

March 6, 2012

Traditionally, video conferencing management has been handled by Audio/Video (AV) and facilities management departments within enterprises. Video conferencing was regarded as separate application from other elements of unified communications that is usually managed by IT. As the application builds importance for enterprises, the next compelling step is to bring video conferencing management into the IT […]

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Comprehensive Video Conferencing Management in ScienceLogic IT Operations Platform

March 2, 2012

Innovative features allow enterprises and service providers to monitor and manage heterogeneous video conferencing systems ScienceLogic Inc. has introduced the video conferencing management capabilities to its IT operations and dynamic cloud management platform. Offering support for Polycom, Cisco TelePresence and LifeSize, ScienceLogic delivers the most comprehensive video conferencing management product on the market. Corporations and […]

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Video Guidance Expands VG Connect’s Cloud Service as Video Conferencing Tool to its Technology Partners

March 1, 2012

Video Guidance, a leading visual communications company in the Upper Midwest, has expanded VG Connect, a cloud-based, industry-unique integration of video conferencing tools, to include the video endpoints of all its technology partners. The endpoints of Polycom, Cisco and LifeSize are now integrated with VG Connect services, reducing the upfront costs of deployment and simplifying […]

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Frost & Sullivan Analysis on Video Conferencing Collaboration Workplace

February 29, 2012

Frost & Sullivan white paper examines next generation collaboration tools supporting social business  Enterprises are growing globally with partners, customers and workers located around the world. With this, businesses at present time must support cost-cutting, effective and flexible communication as well as collaboration on all fronts. To success on the fast paced and evolving environment, […]

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Video Conferencing on Google Enterprise Apps

February 24, 2012

Google exec hints at teleconferencing move, potentially generating competition for Polycom, Cisco and Microsoft Google’s business presence may be set to burgeon following the suggestion that its Hangouts feature on Google+ may be adapted for video conferencing between companies. In an address at the Goldman Sachs Technology conference in San Francisco, Sundar Pichai, senior vice […]

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Video Conferencing Made Changes on 10 Jobs

February 23, 2012

The new technology has made it possible for doctors, music teachers, financial consultants, judges and more to offer their services from far away. With the advent of the webcam, the options have become virtually limitless. Video conferencing has made interactive meetings possible even when the participating parties are located in different countries. Now, a wide […]

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Video Conferencing: Alternative for Business Travel Meetings

February 22, 2012

Video conferencing is starting to gain traction among companies beyond replacing business travel as there are additional benefits to be had. However, the technology will not completely replace face-to-face meetings as there is still a need for human interaction, industry players said. The general manager for telepresence at Cisco Systems Asia-Pacific and Japan, Nicolas Domeyko, […]

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Video Conferencing: Essential to Catastrophe Recovery Communications

February 17, 2012

Business continuity, safety and connectivity are vital to overcome any disaster situation. Video conferencing and telepresence are becoming essential elements on enterprises and government agencies to any calamity recovery communications plan. Video conferencing tools provide disaster responders the facility to visualize a situation and communicate with individuals or groups who are separated by distance. Ira […]

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