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Vidyo Meetings

High Definition Telepresence & Video Conferencing Solution

Get started today using one of the most advanced high definition video conferencing services available in the marketplace. We deliver the Vidyo telepresence experience as a hosted service, delivering scalable cloud hosting, built-in redundancy, billing & analytics, & most importantly security. Our Vidyo service is delivered with 256 bit encryption, ensuring our services comply with HIPPA standards.

Scalable Cloud Hosting

Not interested in deploying the full Vidyo architecture? No problem, leave the heavy lifting to us and leverage our scalable cloud hosting environment to ensure all your Vidyo meetings are delivered successfully.

Secure Online Meetings

We have implemented 256 bit encryption ensuring all communication in your video conference is delivered over a secure connection. By enabling this security level, our services comply with HIPPA standards & compliance.

Flexible Pricing Plans

Service plans are available for a single event, or subscribe to a monthly plan. Options available for a single meeting room, or enable access to all your employees and encourage point-to-point collaboration across your business. Learn more about our vidyo subscriptions & activate your account today!


Vidyo Telepresence delivered as scalable cloud hosted service


Scalable Cloud Hosting

Telepresence as a service! Delivering the best technology as a hosted solution. Advanced cloud hosting infrastructure to provide peak performance to all your users, regardless of their geographical location. No in-house expertise required, just subscribe and gain access to the latest in HD video conferencing technology.

Flexible Pricing Plans

Our price plans are designed for your usage requirements. Subscriptions are available for a single meeting room, or named user access across your company. The subscriptions are flexible, with limited monthly usage that can scale accordingly to your needs.

Exceptional Service

Exceptional service does not equal automation. Each of our customers requirements are different, and this requires a personal point of contact. We're available to help you evaluate our services & provide on-going client support & education.


Vidyo Pricing & Subscriptions

Our hosted subscriptions to Vidyo are available as named user access, under your own tenant/portal. Subscriptions are based monthly and you can add multiple users to your tenant as required.

Named User Subscriptions

Named user subscriptions are for multi-user access at your company. Registered users can place direct calls to other users.

Named User Unlimited:

Unlimited Business Plan - Starting at $32/month/user

Includes unlimited business usage with registered users throughout the month. Place direct point-to-point calls. Invite guests. Host simultaneous meetings with up to 30 lines per tenant.

Guest Access

To invite external guests to your meeting, you will need to purchase hourly blocks for guest usage. The following guest hour blocks are available:
5 Hour - $75
20 Hour - $270
50 Hour - $600

Note: Guest usage blocks are a single one-time charge & pooled across all registered users. Guest usage will roll over month to month until the time has been depleted. Billing is based per minute, per guest attendee.


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