Avistar Communications Extended Multiparty Video Conferencing and Virtualization Support for the Avistar C3 Conference Solution

A provider of unified visual communications services and solutions, Avistar Communications Corporation, recently introduced the Avistar C3 Conference solution demonstrating at Citrix Synergy (2012). Avistar C3 Conference solution has the capability to deliver continuous presence multi-party video conferencing, virtualization and interoperability features to users of Microsoft Lync. Avistar C3 Conference solution is intended to enhance the capabilities of Microsoft Lync … Read More

Revolutionize Video Conferencing: Holographic 3D Telepods

A researcher in Queen’s University has taken idea from Star Trek to produce another worldly means to meet up with one another. Roel Vertegaal, a doctor at the Human Media Lab and his team in Canada has developed a 3D video conferencing pod in human-scale, through a series of advantageously placed projectors along with Microsoft Kinect image sensors. The human-scale … Read More

WHYGO Expands Video Conferencing Facilities Worldwide

Whygo automates its video conferencing facility network of instant affirmation and real-time live availability venues to over 1100 public video conferencing rooms. The world’s premier online merchant of public telepresence and video conferencing facilities, Whygo, introduced its successful unified calendar systems of more than 1100 public video conferencing rooms worldwide. Whygo delivers a network of over 3000 public telepresence and … Read More

Video Conferencing Hardware is Dead Panel: Video Conferencing Veteran Industry Leaders on Webinar Market Growth

Video Conferencing Hardware is Dead, Long Live Video Conferencing Hardware, will check the growth sections of video conferencing that predicts by many analysts to increase on more than $16 Billion in 2017. The founder and principal of J D Vaughn Consulting, J D Vaughn will facilitate the continuation of the TeleSpan Workshop, The Future of Conferencing held last March 15, … Read More

Whygo – Global Video Conferencing Network: Travel Industry’s Exclusive Distribution Channel

Whygo and Global Videoconferencing Network (GVN) collaborate to deliver a best in class, end-to-end, and comprehensive video conferencing service solution to the travel industry. With GVN’s travel explicit distribution assimilation and open room inventory of Whygo, the said exclusive collaboration will jointly improve services for the corporate travel industry and to its customers. All video conferencing destinations of GVN will … Read More