Eyeris Mobile: Portable and Affordable Boardroom-Quality Video Conferencing

Vox Pureview, the unified and conferencing specialist in Vox Telecom group, states that the latest Eyeris mobile app is the outset of affordable application that provides boardroom-quality video conferencing, where ever the participant is.
“Eyeris mobile connects the formal and informal corporate enterprise video conferencing, video chat consumer-level applications,” says Vox Pureview’s Gene van der Walt. He added, “Formal video conferencing has been historically very expensive. Hundreds of thousands of rands could cost the set-up in a couple of boardrooms, and even then most companies could only link between branches. Breaking out of the business corporate ecosystem was enormously difficult.”

Bridge the Gap to every Platform

Small companies, who could not rationalize the expense, turned to informal services of video conferencing such as Skype. “It is a huge market, but the formal and informal video conferencing environments still couldn’t talk to each other. There was an existing gap in the market for applications to link corporate boardrooms with team members who are out of the office or with clients, partners and suppliers who do not have the same boardroom set up,” Van der Walt says.

As a hosted-software app, Eyeris mobile, links the small company executive to its client that utilizes conventional boardroom systems. According to Walt, “No matter what platform you’re using, on a mobile, in a boardroom, or in your office, we can establish multiple connection parties into the same video conference.” Van der Walt mentioned that Eyeris mobile is downloadable to a mobile phone, laptop or desktop and can be configured within minutes. “It operates on any Apple and Android phone or tablet. The location doesn’t matter, you can connect directly into the boardroom for a video conference.”

The Eyeris services are hosted in S. Africa, according to Van der Walt, it provides higher quality while making the costs lower. “Through a service such as Skype, you are using internet public resources that are shared with millions of other people. A call is also being routed by overseas servers, which indicates a long round trip that further downgrades quality. It is also less secure. In Eyeris Mobile, you acquire the best of both worlds: Boardroom security and quality, at local bandwidth costs, anywhere in South Africa,” Walt said.

About Vox Telecom

Vox Telecom’s latest division, Vox Pureview, improves the communication environments in businesses through innovative visual and audio solutions. With Vox Pureview, comprehensive, affordable and unique selection of visual communication services and products are provided. These services include audio and video conferencing, web, desktop applications, hosted/cloud services, collaboration packages and full after-sales assistance solutions.

Vox Pureview is one of the companies that offer a centralized source of integrated conferencing, audio visual and collaboration as well as IP networking needs. The Vox Pureview’s group has 35 years of experience and continuing to improve in the visual communications industry. Through customized and complete range of integrated services and products, Vox Pureview is able to deliver SMEs, government and organizations entities innovative collaboration and service delivery.