Easymeeting Launches Free Global Video Conferencing Directory with Built-in Internet Gatekeeper

Easymeeting.net has developed the future of services to simplify the use of video meetings via the internet. The services have been tested with a large select group of customers over the past three years and now are ready for their global launch.
The first of the services to be launched is the free search engine with global directory for video conferencing systems. The global directory service has a built-in gatekeeper that enables the user not to invest in complicated and expensive gatekeepers and numbering servers usually costing more in the tens of thousands of dollars. Furthermore, one has to consider that such investments in infrastructure requires an IT Manager and is extremely cost prohibitive to maintain.

Advantages of Easymeeting.net Free Directory

  • Better compatibility between different types and manufacturers of video conferencing hardware
  • Easy to contact other systems with the easyNumber instead of difficult to use and remember IP     addresses.
  • Easily search for other video conferencing systems -worldwide
  • Avoid CAPEX investments in infrastructure i.e. gatekeepers and number servers
  • Option to dial and receive H323 URI and SIP calls

Free Global Video Conferencing Directory

The first-ever services that offer easier collaboration and communication with other video conferencing systems -worldwide. With such services, common perception that video conferencing is expensive, too complicated to use and is only ideal for large enterprises were eliminated. This has lead to an enormously slow adoption rate within corporate collaboration environments. With the falling costs and the increases in availability of high speed broadband internet access mean that video conferencing and services are available for most businesses.

Nevertheless, the infrastructure and mechanisms to easily call remain complicated and expensive to use. Thus, the free easymeeting.net global directory is a help for those users looking to add more flexibility to their work environments and currently struggling with their video conferencing systems. The easymeeting.net solution supports all major brands of video conferencing systems i.e. Polycom, Tandberg/Cisco, Sony, LifeSize/Logitech and Radvision.

Stated by Evan J. Andriopoulos, CEO of the Easymeeting Companies, “Our free services, save the existing users of video conferencing and those contemplating it from the costly investments in their own infrastructure (CAPEX) while at the same time making it easier to have quality video meetings whether from their video conferencing system and or their mobile device and or tablet all with the user in mind.”

About Easymeeting.net

Easymeeting.net is based in Tromsø, Norway and it´s North American Headquarters in Mystic, Connecticut, has developed their own video conferencing as a service (VCaaS) platform with a number of free services. The first of the free services are the Global Search Engine Directory, Catalog Registration and easyNumbers via our built-in numbering server. In addition easymeeting.net offer a number of subscription services including multi-participant meetings where participants can join and collaborate via their video conferencing system, PC/Mac, IPhone and IPad with Android support available from the spring of 2012.