300 Public Video Conferencing Rooms Automation in North America

Whygo expands its public video conferencing room network of instant confirmation venues and real-time live availability by further 300 facilities in North America this week.

The world’s premier online distributor of public telepresence and video conferencing facilities nowadays announced it has successfully collaborated with the calendaring systems of an additional 300 public video conferencing rooms in the USA. Whygo provides a network of exceeding 3000 public telepresence and video conferencing venues all over the world with 24-hour service by three global operation centres located in London, Dallas and Sydney. At the present, around 800 of these venues currently offer instant confirmations and real-time availability, just like booking a flight online or a hotel.

The increase is a portion of a bigger roll out that will perceive a further 400 global locations added in the coming weeks providing instant confirmations and real-time availability on the Whygo platform. It will result in more than one third (1/3) of the Whygo network being completely automated.

Whygo’s Standpoint in Video Conferencing Expansion

The chief executive officer of Whygo, James Matthews, said “We have been working closely with room suppliers the world over for many years to make this a reality so we are very excited about this recent launch. Today we use simple calendar synchronizations with Outlook, iCal, Entourage, Google Calendar, iPhone and Blackberry, etc. which means public video conferencing room providers can continue to use the existing calendaring systems they use today and at the same time, simplify the availability and booking process for online providers and customers worldwide.”

This latest release comes only weeks later than Whygo launch its new public and private video room scheduler. Consequently, it enables end users to plan both their private video rooms with any of the 3000+ public rooms all on the one platform.

Whygo: Video Conferencing Provider

Whygo Video Conferencing specializes in developing public video conferencing facilities to both channel and direct customers worldwide. Whygo is the first broker of public video conferencing facilities to build and deploy an online global booking system. Users are not only able to search over 3000+ public video conferencing facilities, they can also book hundreds and check availability of those venues in real time that delivers instant confirmations.

Online scheduling system of Whygo does not just stop with the end user. The system was expanded to easily re-brand for other brokers, agents and room providers to help and utilize drive conversions for both Whygo database and facilities of global public locations online.

Whygo operates in London, Sydney and Dallas 24 hours to seamlessly provide service to their channel and direct customers. Leveraging this unique software and service offering, many small and large video conferencing operators outsource their public room hire service to Whygo to fulfill.