So, Boomers Are Turning 65?

According to the AARP, the first of the baby boom generation, people born between 1946-1964, reached retirement age in 2011. For the next fifteen years, 8,000 of this group will be turning 65 every single day. In an article that appeared in the September 2014 online newsletter MobiHealthNews, “Survey: Four years ago half of baby boomers were interested in texting, … Read More

Videoconferencing Equipment: Why Sales Fluctuate

Technology has come about to make work easier. With the advancement in technology, comes a lot of uncontrollable change. The communication sector has also been affected by the emmergence of technology. Communication has become easier and faster with a variety of platforms tailored for mass communication. One of the major changes in the communication sector is the introduction of videoconferencing. … Read More

CBXTech sees virtual conferencing growth

CBX Tech has constantly centered and had some expertise in the Alcatel-Lucent brand focused around the way that Alcatel-Lucent uses top industry aptitude sets and puts resources into the best of breed. Among the concentrate on focalized systems administration equipment, IP innovations, programming and administrations around the Alcatel-Lucent name, CBX Tech additionally consolidates outsider items to supplement the show of … Read More

Meedoc Connects Patients With Doctors Online

Meedoc is a service and an application that is able to connect a patient with their doctor. This is done in a video format that offers a form of face to face communication. The use of the telephone was often the most common means to communicate with a medical facility. One aspect that is common among many medical facilities is … Read More

Dell running with chromebox

Dell is a global leader in the industry of technology. Its products and extended services have been availed by individual users and businesses alike. The use of video conferencing and audio/ video meeting systems are a new need of businesses expanding their operations and also is a new opportunity for the technology developers. Dell getting into video conferencing Many companies … Read More